Prasad Agro Group

Cotton Bales- Ginning & Pressing


Equipped with the latest machines and technology, we have been successfully carrying all our processes efficiently. We are empowered with our three ginning and pressing units that have a production capacity of around 1200 bales per day.

Procurement of Quality Cotton
Picking of contamination from cotton
Pre Cleaning
Heaping of cotton
Post Cleaning of lint

Ten Steps to prevent contamination :-

  • Heap of cotton is made on RCC platform.
  • Engage extra labours to remove contaminants from seed cotton.
  • Provide all workers with cotton clothing to wear & cap to cover head (Reduces hair contamination problem)
  • Handle all material such as seed cotton, seed, and lint with care to avoid mixing of foreign matter.
  • Maintain proper setting of machine to avoid seed cut, fiber breakage.
  • The bolts, metal wires & other metals are removed by Metal detector.
  • Use of PET plastic straps for fastening cotton bales to prevent from metal rusting
  • Cotton cloths of BIS standard are used to cover fully pressed cotton bales to prevent against contamination.
  • Adhesive label are used for labelling.
  • To store cotton bales in covered godown to avoid their exposures to wind rain dust etc.

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