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Organic Soybean Seeds (Food & Feed Grade)


After harvesting, the soybean seeds are brought to our manufacturing plant, which is also Organic certified, for cleaning (mechanical and Hand Picking Separation as well) and grading by size & shape. The Soybean, then, further processed on the state of the art machines for its conversion into the value added products. Besides our in-house R&D and QC laboratory, the quality checks and certifications are also conducted by the reputed external GAFTA approved laboratories with respect to the physical, nutritional, chemical & microbial parameters. Post production, the products are systematically packed and loaded in containers/transport vehicles. Every care is taken to avoid contaminations and the product remains genuinely organic till it reaches to the end users.

Our Organic Soybean and its value added products are available in Food & Feed grade versions.

Parameters Values in Min / Max Level
Moisture Max 10.00%
Purity Min 99.50%
Foreign Matter Max 00.50%
Oil Min 18.00%

Free from glass, stone, dead or alive insects


  • 25, 50 kg. P.P Bag or as per requirement of customer.
  • 1 MT Bulk Bag
  • Bulk packing in full liner bags.
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